GK Mail 2005

GK Mail 2005 1.0

Email client compatible with POP, IMAP, Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail

This standard service lets you access all your Email accounts from one single interface and includes these value-packed features and benefits:

Multiple Email Account Access


. . allow you to access your accounts individually, instead of giving you another "myprovider. com" Email account. You can perform all major tasks you used to perform on desktop computers, send, receive, reply, forward, move messages between folders, etc.

Total Control

You get only the messages you want. Turn off the information you do not want, you can hide any of the functions on the site and turn off the ones you don't need.

And we won't send you annoying ads or Emails.

Easy to Use

Just one easy-to-use interface to learn which is identical on all platforms

Broad Device Coverage

Use all your gadgets, your Palm, your Blackberry, your iPAQ, your WebTV, your WAP-enabled cell phone, and your internet-enabled kitchen appliance, we support them all.

Hotsync Support

Don't have a wireless connection? No problem, you can hot sync your messages via Avantgo to your PDA, read, reply while you are offline, and send all outgoing messages at once when you hot sync next time!

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GK Mail 2005


GK Mail 2005 1.0

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